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Galleri Kunst Stuen

Lamp Information


As artists we are working in something as unusual as plant wax and we are best known for our Lamps - Now with LED light source

In the Lamp, there may be inlaid Amber or Crystals and decorated with Peacock feathers, feathers found in nature, straw, Stockmar color blocks or decorative wax.


Turn on the LED light source in the Lamp during the day and evening and you will get a beautiful golden hue in the living room.


When buying a Lamp there is enclosed a LED light source for power & a Lid + a cork disc to put the Lamp on.


Add Amber pieces or crystals on the lid for extra effect !

The Lamp is made of Plant Wax - do not place it in the sun or near any heat sources.

Clean the Lamp with a soft damp cloth.

Place the Lamp on the supplied cork disc or something else.

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